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kitchen design

"A kitchen is a good place to be and almost always the best place in the house." - Micheal Ruhlman


For us, a kitchen is the heart and sole of a home. It's where people gather and laugh and dance, cook and eat and drink.


Our kitchens are designed to maximise space, be highly functional and efficient and look good. Lots of thought goes into planning a layout which not only works practically but which considers and compliments the look and feel of the home.


There is also a lot to think about when it comes to the style and finish of a kitchen: wall colours, kitchen units, worktops, flooring, lighting, taps, tiles, details etc. We produce sketch visuals which showcase different colour palettes, styles and details to make it easier to decide on the 'look and feel"


Our Architect Practice, will plan, design, source and manage the delivery of your new kitchen, working closely with a team of specialists.

Bespoke Kitchen Design Service Lost and Found Architects
Maximising Kitchen spacial design
Kitchen colour scheme advice and expertise
Kitchen components Design and bespoke Kitchen Units
Kitchen Design Service, Kingston, South West London
Tiling design and selection service
Lighting design & sourcing Service
Lost and Found Architects detailed Kitchen design Richmond, Kingston, Surrey
Spacial Planning Service dedicated Interior Design
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