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“When deciding to put the development project of the ground floor of my small house into the hands of ‘Lost and Found’

I little realised the wisdom of my decision. In the event Andy Thomas’ immediate appreciation of what I wanted was

already artistically and sensitively interpreted into plans by our second meeting.

I could not have been more pleased and encouraged from that point onwards. Andy’s creative eye for detail never failed.

His imaginative use of space surpassed anything I could have foreseen. I also took the decision to ask him to ‘project

manage’ the work. He and I would discuss, and he would instruct the builder. Not only did the entire project run to time

from start to finish but within the anticipated budget. Even the ‘snagging’ stage where we are now at, receives Andy’s

full and meticulous attention. Faultless...”

Pauline S-W


“We used Lost and Found to redesign and reconstruct the whole first floor of our sixties era span house. Andy's aesthetic contribution was significant and always struck a sympathetic balance with the existing architecture and our more modern needs. We followed almost all of the recommendations he made for features and detailing of surfaces, doors, lights and fixtures. After 6 months of living with them, I am truly appreciating his eye and experience. I would not take a project of any size on again without the assistance and direction of an Architect, and Lost and Found will be our first choice. We have already successfully recommended him to friends.”

Gary & Katherine Brozenich


“We have found that there are clear benefits to using an architect in terms of keeping track of cost, time and quality. We

have very little experience in the building trade and we are aware that, Andy in his extended role, can help us oversee

the whole project with those three parameters at the forefront in a way that we couldn’t hope to do ourselves, so that the

project comes in on time, on budget and with the right quality of finish.

We have found Andy highly personable and very easy to relate to. He has listened attentively to us all the way through,

incorporating the way we currently (and plan to) use our home into the design process and we are very pleased with the

plans he has submitted. Interestingly, our neighbours are undertaking a similar piece of work but have not used the

services of an architect but much prefer our designs to the ones they have ended up submitting. He has always

responded to our queries promptly and with a lot of care and attention to help us understand.”

Mr & Mrs Fielder


“They say never work with friends, but after knowing Andy as a neighbour we then contracted him to be the architect for our project, from the very start he was extremely professional, his guidance through the design stage was thorough and extremely patient as we constantly changed our minds!! He provided continual support during the build phase, which involved a full renovation of a Victorian house with structural and aesthetic changes. Attention to detail on all design phases was amazingly helpful once the build phase started, so all the headache decisions were already made.”

Kate Jagger


"Working with Lost and Found was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. At our first meeting Andy explained how the process worked and how much each stage would cost, so we felt in control throughout. The design stage was good fun, and we really appreciated the way Andy took time to understand our requirements and how we would use the space. It was great that the final design remained true to our initial brief but added more practical elements, like the addition of a downstairs toilet, and was visually much more appealing. We were delighted with the end result, and would definitely recommend Lost and Found to others."

Mark & Suzie Roberts


“Making a decision on what work to undertake at home was so much easier with Lost and Found’s help. Having an estimated cost breakdown enabled us to clearly see all the costs involved and subsequently prioritise what to do and when.”

Mr & Mrs C

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