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services and fees

Our aim is to provide a flexible service. When we visit we'll talk through our architect and design services and consider how to best help.


Lost and Found Architects design, detail, specify and manage projects: submit and obtain all the appropriate planning and building control approvals, co-ordinate competitive tenders and oversee on-site builds. Or if you would rather be much more involved yourself, we can simply take your proposal up to the planning application stage.

In recent months a number of clients have found our customised consultations very useful, particularly, when trying to decide upon the extent of building works to undertake. It is sometimes difficult to know what to build, how much it will cost and the value it will add to a property. Access to more information before embarking on a project can save time and money. For example, providing a breakdown of estimated build costs based on your initial building proposals before finalising the design and scope of works.

Whilst clients with listed properties and houses in conservation areas, have found employing us to consult with the local planning authority prior to drawing up any plans, has helped in understanding what is more likely to be endorsed and thus approved.


full architectural service

Acting as your architect our role would include:-

the design and layout proposals and development of proposals

planning applications

building control applications

production information (specification and detailed drawings and tender documentation)

tendering to approved contractors and builders (and analysing the returned tenders)

on site contract administration

In addition we offer an interior design and furniture sourcing service

specific consultations


Costing report

This report provides you with a useful breakdown of estimated building costs based upon your project ideas.

Planning consultation

By consulting with the local planning authority, we can better gage the receptiveness of a scheme. This is particularly

useful if a property falls within a conservation area or is a listed property.

New home document

Wondering if a particular property is suitable? Lost and Found will visit a house with you and discuss its potential. This document provides details on likely building works, associated costs and any legislative constraints.

Design guidance service

Fancy a go yourself but would value some direction and design guidance in the early stages? This service, offers practical help and advice at the design and space planning phase and can be extremely beneficial.

Feasibility Study

Are you thinking about building a dream house? We offer a comprehensive feasibility study, which assesses the viability of a scheme, we will incorporate your aspirations, budget, site limitations and any environmental or planning constraints. We will also help you to maximise the value of your home



Like you each and every project is different. In general, our fees are either calculated on a project basis or an hourly rate. we have based our fees on RIBA rates although they may vary depending upon the services required and the type and complexity of a job.

Specific consultations are priced individually.


































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